MCA Agronomy Service provides integrated whole farm advice on all aspects of dryland and irrigated crop management. Our agronomists have extensive experience with the production of cotton, wheat, barley, chickpeas, fababeans, mung beans, sorghum, corn, sunflowers and soybeans and we service dryland, flood, pivot and lateral move irrigated clients.

We aim to improve our clients’ long term profitability by providing advice tailored to each individual farmer’s needs, focussing on key areas for improvement with each client. We are strongly influenced by the desire for technical excellence and rapid adoption of new technology, while our regular staff agronomy meetings consolidate group agronomic policy and ensure that all agronomists are up to date with the most recent research and trial data.

Our agronomy service provides advice on crop type and variety selection, planting date and rate recommendations, fertiliser programs, crop nutrition, disease management, weed control, input planning, harvest strategies, herbicide recommendations, rotation strategies, and fallow weed control.

We also provide a financial benchmarking service and are involved in funded technical research, while the strong links we have developed with research providers and commercial seed, fertiliser, chemical and marketing organizations keep us at the forefront of new developments, and provide long term benefits to our clients.

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